A question about presets folder in C12 /13

I have C12 installed… But I can’t find my own user presets anywhere, in either of the folders suggested.
I will try to copy over from my C12 AppData folder…

I know all of this (usede Cubase/Nuendo since before SX, then SX 1 and Nuendo 1.5)… But my user preset folder from C12 are not to be found in any of the suggested folders.

I will manually copy over to the C13 AppData folder from C12

C12 AppData and also presets in his folder in C\ programs

I opened C13 and made a new test preset in the Project Logical editor… an it for sure directed me to save it in Documents\Steinberg\Cubase\User Presets\Project Logical Editor\ “My optional user folder name”
No worries

I the opened up C12 and from PLE I found the preset right away inn said folder/location (even though my user presets made with C12 were saved in its AppData folder)… so no worries here either, as long as we are familiar with the new preset location.

I wonder if other editors are using the same new preset location?
Regular plugins excluded of course, as these are saved in Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies"Plugin Folder Name"

PS. It may be time to “clean up” the AppData folder… as I suspect more things have been moved out of that. Hmmm?

Anyway, thanks for contributing :slight_smile:

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