A question about roman numerals for natural harmonics

Hi everyone,

What font and size/style would you use for roman numerals above or below natural harmonics (to denote the strings that the harmonics are played on). Or is there another way to enter them more easily. Thanks.


If they are natural harmonics, I usually leave it to the players to work that out. There are not many options, and the context will often make it obvious. If you really need to make certain, how about sul G, sul D, etc?


I don’t think there is a feature yet to ‘intelligently’ show the string number as a Roman numeral, but you can always add it as staff text, or create a custom playing technique.

Actually, I had assumed that sul G would be defined as part of the arsenal of String Playing Techniques, but I just had to create a new entry for it for my score. (It doesnt play any differently than normal, but that doesnt bother me!)