A question about syncing in Nuendo


I have been asked to do some syncing job - no more no less.
the situation is this:
this is a short film that was edited with camera ref sound only. there was a recordist on the set that took everything with zoom h6 and boom mic.
all the recordist sound is in a folder. I can get the editor to at least find what record belongs to shot but still, every recording is long and I will need to find the syncs.

Is there a proper way to find and sync materials with Nuendo or I need to go into the stuff and do it very manually?


I don’t deal with externally recorded audio so I am sure someone more familiar with this workflow can help better or correct me if I am wrong.

There is a new function in N8.2 that addresses this very need called “Audio alignment” available from the toolbar.
As far as I understand “standard” slips and “Voice” Warps. I could be wrong. just see which one works for you best.

Here is the Strindberg YouTube video on the new feature.

Hope this helps a little.

I think the proper way is to send it back to editor and tell them to do their job…

I mean really, it is his/hers job…

The reason the feature was added was specifically for your situation which is, apparently, becoming more the case with many productions.
disclaimer: I am not in film and don’t really know how it is supposed to be except from reading this forum and have seen others complain they couldn’t sync before.
I have used the sync feature and it seems to work very well.

Audio alignment is not for syncing location sound recordings. It can be used to sync adrs etc…