A Question about Temporary Audio Files

I just found the some “Tags” in my temporary audio files in “Audio” folder. These “Tags” show the creation date of the files(as shown in the figure below: Broadcast Wave, Creation Date/Time is “2006.1.20 06:25:00”).

Does this mean that the actual creation date/time of this audio file is in “2006.1.20 6:25:00”?

In addition, why does the exported audio file not have this tag, while the temporary audio file has this tag?

Look forward to your soonest reply. Thanks very much.


As you screenshot shows, the file is a broadcast wave file, which is just a wave file with standardized metadata. The reason why it doesn’t appear in your exported audio is because you didn’t set it up to do that, but you can do that by “insert broadcats wave chunk” in the export options: Wave Files

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Thank you for your reply