A question as old as software installation

I am an old Cubase user - so actually one could be surprised why I am asking this question only now - it has always been there. But, well , here I go:

Obviously installing a new cubase version (I am talking about windows installation, I dont know anything about Macs except comment removed by apple community) for some users automatically takes the old settings (like e.g. audio connections, etc.) and for others it does not (settings are defaulting back to “initial install” states for the new installation). I am aware that the later phenomenon can be handled by transferring old settings - but here’s the question: Does anyone know what factor(s) influence the behaviour of a new install in that respect? In other words: When does cubase copy the settings of the former version and when does it NOT do this?
Side Remark: I experienced both in the past and it did not seem to be depending on installing “update” download-versions or “full” download-versions.

One of the things that I believe has caused this in the past is installing for all users on one version but installing just for active user in next version or vice versa.
I’m pretty sure this isn’t the only reason, however.
FWIW my settings have automatically transferred at upgrade over since Cubase 8 (and since then if asked I always select “All Users”)
I’m a Windows user.


Hi you - this is interresting. Did the cubase 12 installer ask for “all users” vs. “active user”? It seems to me that this has not been the case this time. Maybe I reinstall it with a little bit more concsious awareness… ;o)

Gotta be it.

I’m afraid I’m not certain either but like you I don’t think it has recently…not sure when it stopped! Will double check when I install on another machine,

I think it was version 10 where they made the install for all users only.

I found the article: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360001645799-Cubase-10-changes-in-the-installer


I’ve noticed that Cubase only looks for settings from previous versions the first time you “open” the new version of Cubase.

I don’t know this for sure, but as a matter of routine… I temporarily remove all of the previous Cubase configuration folders, and place them on my desktop before I try to start the new version of Cubase for the first time. Once the new version of Cubase creates its own configuration folder (during the first start), you can place the previous version configuration folders back to their original location.

This in practice has never failed me, and I have not had incompatibility issues between versions.

You usually have to make new settings, but that is probably better for this program anyway.

The location of these configuation folders are:
C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg

This info was listed on the Steinberg website somewhere… don’t know if it’s still there…


@MoPro yes, that’s how it’s supposed to work, and yours is a good practice for sure. The matter being discussed here is a little different though, as it only concerns the first launch.

it is :smiley:

p.s. Since I seem to have one of those configurations where the Preferences don’t get automatically transferred, I have this page bookmarked :nerd_face:

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Thanks Nico5! It seems someone ask’s the question after every Cubase update, or upgrade… Thanks again for your help!


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