A question for developers- is feedback from Cubase possible?


I want to make a program-helper for showing a full list of keyswitches (for example, all 43 articulations, but no 16, as in Cubase) of current selected track in Cubase. This program must to know, which of the tracks is selected now? So, question - is there any signals, transmitted from Cubase for detection, when user select(switch) a new track on Cubase track list?

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If I need this kind of feedback from Cubase, I use Mackie Control protocol. It’s not perfect, but only one way, how to get this kind of information.

But what about SKI Remote?

if you go to link showing in bottom of SKI Remote control panel (see pict), you can remote Cubase from any device/browser. Is it possible to get info about selected track from this protocol?

Today I has simplified this way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMKSkWu7rbU&t=78s
(if I not need to use tablet/lemur, I not need to use an input transformer on each track)

That is brilliant.