A question for the AI users with c7

could some great person tell me if the AI knob allows you to control the channel strip in C7 ?

much appreciated

To some degree, yes. If you hover your mouse pointer over any of the rotary dials or send levels, it does change the values, but then so does the center wheel on my trackball/mouse. You’ll still need one hand on the mouse to navigate the new channel strip and open the various sections, then locate the mouse pointer over the dial/level you want to adjust.

I’ve mainly used the AI for the jog function up til now.

aahh ok thanks for the reply i think i might give it ago anyway , i tried the AI out on my ci2+ and it worked a treat ( i only use it when mobile and that hasn’t been for a while ) so i might invest

many thanks

I’ve struggled to figure out the reason for the AI. By the time I point at the control, why not just use the scroll wheel on the mouse?

What I want is for the QC to automap to plugins. So I can have 8 actual quick controls per plug, not per track (which is basically useless).

Yes that would be nice especially as they now have the white activation box round the outside of the plugin’s so i wouldn’t of thought it would be to hard to program , i must admit steinberg certainly haven’t unleashed any potential within these controllers ,if anything i think they are a complete failure .

Sean your right about the jog ,can you set the AI to do all the different tasks of the job ,ie fast back and front and slow ?

Good question - as far as I can tell, no. It seems to me that the jog function is set to advance/retard by 1 clock tick. I work with midi so I have my project clock set as bars/beats, so this is about 00.52 of a quarter note and therefore the insert bar almost never snaps to the midi grid. I’ve never found a way to change that setting. The only way that jog setting makes sense is if you set your primary time base to Timecode (30 ticks to a second, so each notch in the dial’s rotation moves you forward/backward 1/30th of a second).

Same condition whether in project view or in the midi editor (Can’t remember if it is the same in the audio editor but I’d assume so)

There’s nothing in the device setup to configure this, and quantize & snap settings in cubase have no effect on it.

I hear ya loud n clear. That AI knob is a bit of a passenger on my desktop now (it’s not alone in this to be completely honest).
I had a Novation SL49 (I think that was the model name) for a while - just to have a second system set up with the laptop. I set up the automap feature with cubase6 and marveled at how it worked, sometimes. It also screwed up a lot of my configs and every damn time someone released an update (hello C6.5) I had to go back and edit or recreate templates. Prevailing wisdom was that it was a great keyboard (for the $) but turn automap off. So I did, then built simplified templates for the essential things I needed, and it worked - statically.

It seems to me that Novation have long endeavoured to make automap work (which it can, albeit for fleeting moments in time), but given the rapidly advancing nature of this technology, automapping will probably always lag new developments to the point it may never actually work efficiently. Furthermore, as I did, you may well mess around with setting up templates so much that you’ll think it was easier/faster to just wrangle the damn mouse a little more and get the job done. The CMCs should have been a game changer, but like you, I think they currently fall short of expectations.

I’m looking forward to the NAMM show in a couple of weeks. Gonna perform a full colonoscopy of Slate Pro Audio’s new touchscreen controller - the Raven :wink:. Have you seen this?:
I can only imagine the nightmare it would be to keep that thing up to date and fully integrated with my system. Here’s hoping they have C7 connected to it.