A question for the user base of Cubase!

Hi all,

So I’ve been using cubase now for a few years, used every daw on the market and ended up here for good! A behavior I never got around to solving that Im accustom too I’d like to know if possible here.

Most daws if I drag a sample into the timeline, will auto timestetch / snap to the tempo. In cubase, Ive always manually dragged the corner to snap. Is their any way to auto snap a loop to tempo?

Also be wonderful when and if I did tempo change, any loops would remain in sync and snapped. Its probably something simply overlooked, just found the work around so far.


Hello there,

Usually Cubase will automatically set musical mode to the audio if the loop contains the correct tempo information in the metadata. For those that have not the correct tempo embedded cubase will not strech them to fit in the grid.

The loops you are using might not have any tempo information embedded.


This is even occurring with the stock cubase loops provided in 8.5. Am I missing a toggle or config? Seems like tempo changes would lock to tempo sync or snap into position.