A Question of Rests

I am in 5/4 - in Notation Options > Rests > Simple Time Signatures I have selected “Disallow Dotted Rests”. The pattern I would like in my 5/4 (3+2) bar is half rest, quarter rest, quarter note, quarter rest, but Dorico insists on dotting the half rest. All solutions or suggestions appreciated.

5/4 isn’t a simple time signature, but rather an irregular compound time signature, at least by default. I’m not sure Dorico’s notation options provide a combination of settings that will guarantee this, I’m sorry to say.

Thanks, dspreadbury. I even tried to force duration of rests to no avail. That might be a nice option, or “break rests” possibly.

Try [2+1+2]/4 as your meter.

HAHA, Derrek! IMHO not easily readable by the player, but a very mathematical solution!

Force Duration will certainly work for rests, but you need to use it in tandem with Rest Mode (press comma).

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Hi Dan! Thanks for the suggestion. I will experiment and report back.

With the compound in brackets it will still display as 5/4

Thanks, TylerE! - I did not know that. I will also try this and report back. And apologies to Derrek!

The time signature can be hidden.

Thanks, Derrek! I’ll try it and report back.

Thanks again, Dan. Your solution works perfectly.