A question of steinberger UR22Mkii

good morning I’m a neophyte, I bought a steinberger UR22Mkii sound card for my orchestra, I need to connect it in order to improve the sounds of the pc which are then sent to the 20-channel mfxi sound craft mixer.
The sound card is connected to the PC via USB and powered by a 5V power supply to avoid latency. from the computer I start with a 3.5 trs jack and arrive at the sound card with two 6.3 trs jacks that I insert into the inputs of the card.
From the card I restart from the two outputs with 6.3 trs jacks and arrive at the mixer strips dedicated to the PC. The thing I’m asking about is that when I hook it up at home using two 50 watt instrument amps as speakers, the sound card works with the input/daw pot in the input position and the gain lights flashing slightly red. when the signal strength is optimal, when I always connect the sound card to the orchestra speakers (active speakers) to make the card work I have to use it with the potentiometer in daw of course the gain lights don’t flash and the signal strength is very minor.I kindly ask you to understand where I’m wrong, I don’t know where I’m wrong… I kindly ask for your help…thank you

Hello and welcome
I have some difficulty understaning what you want to achieve?
First you write that you take the sound form the computer via analog connection, which is unusual and also makes using the soundcard more or less pointless. And doing this will NOT improve the sound quality from computer to mixer…
But, as you then go on about turning it to DAW I suspect I misunderstand something…

Could you please specify what kind of computer (mac or pc) you have, what DAW and possibly other software you use and what you want to do in a live situation?

hello thanks for your answer, I’m trying to figure out how to connect the sound card so that the sound coming from the windows pc is transformed by the sound card and then I can insert it into the mixer so that its quality can be improved
I’m going to attempts I turn to you who know more than me to find out what is the best way to use thanks

Ok so then you should only connect the UR22 to your computer via usb, and choose it as audio output.
Then connect your UR22 to your mixer, use the Ste1 or Ste2 inputs on the mixer and connect with cables with TRS connectors.
Set the output knob on the UR22 to DAW, and start with the output knob around 12 o’clock. Set the gain on the Ste input and you should be good to go.

Thank you so much for the information now as soon as I get home I’ll try it right away, I really don’t know how to thank you for the help bye

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