A question re Layouts, text frames and flow headers.

Is it possible to insert a text frame below a flow of three lines of music and have the next flow header appear beneath the text frame on the same page? I’ve tried a number of different ways but I keep seeing the next flow header occupying the same space as the text frame.

Good question! I usually adjust things by hand for situations like this; if there is a way to adjust settings to make it automatic, I would be very interested in learning about it.

You’d need a ‘sandwich’ of frames: music box, then text box, then music box. There’s no ‘wrap-around’ yet.

Thanks Stephen and Ben.

No, I can’t get the flow header to work (and I’ve spent far too long trying!). I can get the second one appearing automatically but I just have to enter them by hand after that. Ah well - onwards and upwards!

Unless I’m misunderstanding, you can do it benwiggy’s way with a sandwich of frames on a master page, or just use the Staff Spacing tool in Engrave to move the next flow down and add a text frame above it. Either way should work.

Master frames:

Staff Spacing tool:

Is that sort of what you are trying to do?

Or even just add the text to the Flow title text frame:

Thanks Fred - appreciated. Yes, very similar. I can get that far, but can’t get Flow headers appearing after that.

Hmm, you’re right, after the flow heading has been modified or a text box created it seems like they no longer will be created after that on that page. I’m assuming that’s because by modifying the page you’ve now created a page override, and Dorico doesn’t automatically create the new flow headings as it’s no longer a default master page. If you remove the page override the Flow title should reappear, but of course you’ll have to then re-create the text.

If you do it benwiggy’s way it should work regardless as it’s a master page without an override.

Thanks again Fred. I’m missing something though - what is the difference between what you’ve created in your examples above (my approach too) and benwiggy’s way? I thought what you were creating WAS a “sandwich of frames”

The first and last samples I posted were a “sandwich of frames” alternating between music frames and text frames. The other two samples I posted all just used one music frame with a text frame overlayed, or the flow header text frame edited. Both of those latter two will cause a page override though, which I guess stops the next flow header from being generated further down the page.