A Quick Heads Up - Before You Buy Anything From xln.audio

Just a heads up to anyone who might be considering purchasing something from xln.audio:

An internet connection is required to install most if not all of their products, with the exception of Addictive Drums, which for some reason, they do allow an off-line install method for.

Also, MF has nothing on their site about this either - no warning about this or that your purchase may or may not be a physical package vs. just a download.

Just thought I’d let unsuspecting buyers be aware.

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+1. (N.S.A.)?

My only exception are tools/products like the ‘VST Connect’ thingy
which IMHO can be viewed as a private extension of the studio.

That would remind me of those ones on Halloween you find on the porch set ablaze… :laughing:

And now you’re (sort of) doing it here :wink: !


Yes - it seems there is a way to do this with A-Drums.

I did get an email from xln.audio offering an off-line method for the A-Keys, but unfortunately it won’t work in my case.
One of the main stipulations is that you download onto a similar computer & that the computers must be the same ie: Both 64 bit, etc. of which mine are not.

My ‘home’ on-line rig is 32 bit, and my DAW rig is 64 bit.

So that’s out. But at least they did offer something to try.

MF also coughed up a compromise as well for their part in it.

Impressive that they both came to the table with something.

I think I am liking the lack of Internet on my computer as well, being forced to download or get their permissions to continue thru Internet connections annoys me to a tedious breaking out…so to speak. A year ago I might have thought differently, but I was also not as “informed”.

I should update this:

In all fairness to xln, they have supplied an older option to install off-line, and although it does seem to take a lot of extra steps, it can be done.

It’s posted on their site.


Can’t wait for a world to become FTTP (or at least FTTN) enabled.

This will allow collaboration on an unprecedented scale and anyone speaking to the contrary must look at their own place in music, their contribution; not talk as if having an internet enabled DAW is something to be admonished.