A quick, non-scientific performance report...

Hi, I just ran a 8.5.20 project in C9, and these are my findings:

Project is at 48/24 with a buffer size of 128, 28 GB in memory
ASIOGuard high

around 5 audio tracks

2 x Superior Drummer
4 x HSSE2
7 x PLAY 5.0
4 x EZKeys
Ivory 2
Mr. Ray
Dark Planet

6 effects sends and about 20 insert effects, mainly UAD-2 and REVerence

No dropouts, green audio load just under halfway, no “blue spikes”, Taskmanager CPU 40%, all cores (4 real/4 virtual) equally loaded.
I’m a happy camper :sunglasses:


Well that’s some encouraging news…I think? Can you tell us what the CPU load was on 8.5 so we can see the difference?

I’ll do a quick comparison tomorrow!

Noticed you have VB3 in your list. Sentinel blacklisted it for me…what did you do to get it running?

Apologies for slightly off-topic.

Thanks for your effort and no offense meant, but that doesn’t mean anything to anyone :confused:

At first I used the 32bit version, then I switched to the x64 version I never knew existed. The 32bit worked out of the box after being jbridged, and the x64 worked as well. Other than the initial bridging I did nothing special…
Sorry… :wink:

FYI: I just opened the same project from my OP with 8.5.20, and it feels, looks and sounds just the same. So no overt improvement, but I’ve been happy with Cubase performance for quite a while now…


Why take the effort of posting in the thread then? To keep me from wasting my time in the future?
Thanks so much!!


It means something to me. He says its a “quick, non-scientific performance report”. Even anecdotal performance reports are helpful.