A Quick Question about the NEK....


In the studio I use Cubase. Have since V1.

Recently, I put Nuendo on a laptop so as to compose drum parts outside the studio and a few other things. But the MIDI isn’t as robust as in Cubase, doesn’t seem to have drum maps, so I’m considering getting the expansion kit.

Q - Will the NEK give me “MIDI drum mapping” and to what extent is the NEK different ,or lacking, from the Cubase implimentation?

Thanks folks!


Thanks for that.

I agree that it’s horribly redundant and it all should be one big Nu-base app. Or is that Cu-endo?

Now, regardless of my needs, I’m really wondering if I should shell out the $300 for the NEK or just tough it out with the piano roll editor for drums until 6 comes out and see if they wisely included it.



I learned long ago never to make decisions based on what Steinberg MIGHT do in the future…