A quick Thank You to the Dorico Team

Daniel (and Team),

I have been busy working on a drum set book that will be going to a publishing house soon for mass production. I am the copyist, and am having to work with a competitor’s software, as Dorico’s percussion ability is lacking.

I have spent some time with Dorico working on test projects, and I wanted to say thank you for the methodical addition of features. While I would have loved to do this current project in Dorico, I am well aware that Dorico is not very capable in the that realm as of yet. But I am not angry. I have spent the last several weeks struggling to get the other software to do what I need it to do. Things are sometimes wonky, cumbersome, confusing, and all around not user friendly. I have struggled with random crashes, random hanging, etc. I have seen tools simply “give up.” I can tell that some of these tools, features, etc., weren’t very well tested or implemented. Things that I used to just “know” how to do, make me wonder why there are so many differences from one tool to the next.

I guess I wish that Dorico was ready, but more importantly I am thankful that as a team, you are working to not only make features work, but to make features work well. Every tool that I have used in Dorico is consistent in application. The approach to using the different tools is like using the same tool over and over (if that even makes sense). I know that you have users barking orders about what they want to see, and what improvements need to be made. And while they may have a point or might have good ideas, I am thankful knowing that you are taking the time to not only listen, but to also create a well working application. My experiences with Dorico have only been positive. And I am looking forward to what the future brings.



It does remind me of the incessant need for people to upgrade. I’m currently looking to go into the world of sample libraries and I’m being told that the i5 computers I have with 4Gb of RAM just won’t cut it…yet go back seven years and they were cutting edge. I’m no Luddite but it has got me re-thinking just what I need.