A reason why the 'dongle' should be kept

NOW !!! This is disastrous , imagine for some reason your computer asks you to reactivate your software while you are on location , OK, you enable your wifi only to find …



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Well, you have loads of people complaining for years about the dongle, and when SB announced the change to a new dongle-less authorization, people kept complaining about the “phone home” requirement until SB changed that, too, and this is the result. machine-based C/R-Authorization, the worst kind there is (from a customer’s perspective).

Exactly , the masses complaining about the dongle but in reality if the systems down and you need to reauthorize for any reason then your stuffed .
I still have the dongle plugged in lol

FORGEROCK! Scourge of Delta Quadrant! :smiley:

Sorry. Couldn’t resist. I actually agree with your premise. I never had a problem with the dongle in 20 years. I (naively) thought that, after a certain period of tech-war, the world would simply coalesce around one dongle to rule them all (a la VHS v. Betamax).

Instead, I now have a DAW stuffed with at least a -dozen- separate licensing services. I’m sure they’re all great companies and hooray for capitalism, but the world needs another https-based licensing scheme like a fish needs a bicycle.

Steinberg designed the periodic “phoning home” out of Steinberg Licensing following customer feedback. Unless you change something in the system (such as certain hardware changes) that invalidates the current activations, the system should stay activated once it is activated.

There is always the chance of a surprise deactivation, but I have not seen many of these recently. The problems I had in the early days, when Steinberg Activation Manager would randomly sign itself out and you had to reactivate everything once you signed it back in have disappeared, at least for me.