A request and a question:

Hello all, first a quick question: can Dorico recognise different MIDI devices yet? As in telling them apart, this CC is coming from this device, this other one from this other device.

And a request: I’ve been plagued by this really, really annoying feature for the past week. In Play mode, in order to scroll between the different instruments (up-down) using the mouse wheel you have to do it by putting the pointer on the left hand over the instrument settings panel (away from the piano roll). But… If you happen to touch the VST config drop-down window then it’ll scroll the VST instrument. Since I’m working on a large score, every time this happens I have to wait nearly a minute to reset it. Can you please disable the ability to change these settings using the mouse wheel?

Much obliged as always!

Never noticed this before, but you’re right - and it’s not just the VST config drop down window that’s affected, I found myself changing channels with the mouse wheel as well. Aside from using the scroll bar, It looks like the only true safe space for the mouse wheel is the narrow channel between the tools and the instruments.

Surely there must be a way to navigate up and down using keystrokes?

To answer the first part: Dorico accepts multiple midi input devices but makes no distinction between them. Daniel mentioned just a few days ago that in the future they will provide options so users can specify which device does what (ie use one for note input and another for midi output).


This is super important as you’re very limited if you also want to use a midi keyboard for note entry. I wanted to map a few buttons to lemur (touchscreen) but I can’t until I can at least specify the midi channel in the midi key commands preferences (to differentiate).

For me it’s been working fine using two devices if I set commands to obscure CCs like 108 for example. But I have a couple of Steinberg’s CMCs which I would like to use with Dorico and they are not configurable. In any case for me personally this has zero priority, I would much rather that they spend their time fixing the bloody awful Play window… And I say this with much love in my heart!