A request for advice.

I have been using the very ancient Cubasis VST4 for many years.
I have used it in a fairly simple, and straight forward, fashion to record rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass and vocal audio tracks, and then add digital drum, and/or keyboard tracks; sometimes I have created and incorporated a digital bass line, as my bass playing is not that hot.
I then add fairly simple effects as required, particularly to the vocals, and export the finished audio track into a format which I can either upload, with video accompaniment, onto my YouTube Channel, or use as a backing track.
I used this software until Windows XP expired, at which time I disconnected my elderly PC from the internet and used it as a standalone unit on which I continued to run Cubasis VST4.
I continued in this fashion until my elderly PC gave up the ghost, at which point I loaded Cubasis onto a new PC running Windows 10.
I ran it in an appropriate compatibility mode, until Microsoft updated Windows 10 to the 1803 version at which point the programme, along with WaveLab-Light, Windows Movie-maker, and one or two others stopped working.
If I wish to continue making recordings I need some software which will allow me the same facilities as did the old Cubasis VST4.
So, any advice as to which version of Cubase I should purchase, or maybe what other software options I may have would be most welcome.
I should add that I am not a computer Geek, having taken some considerable time (years actually) to get to grips with Cubasis, nor am I any more than a competent busker, as may be illustrated by this offering.


I am looking for a programme that will offer the same audio and digital functions, and which works in similar fashion to that with which I am familiar.
Thanks for any advice that may be offered.
It goes without saying that price, and value for money are prime considerations, I am a pensioner, after all. :slight_smile:

Looks like I am out of luck as regards any advice. I guess I will just have to carry on investigating all available options.

Maybe I should re-post this request in a different forum ?


A Cubase features comparison chart can be found here …


I’m not sure what information you are looking for. Without asking specific questions nobody can tell you what you need to know.

I have been using Cubase VST4 for the past 20 years on an old stand-alone PC running XP. The PC is now Kaput, and I have just installed the 30 day trial version of Cubase Elements 10.5, on a new PC running Win10.
I don’t do anything very complicated; as I mentioned previously, I just create guitar and vocal audio tracks, and then add digital drums manually, and a bass guitar, either acoustically or using a manual digital input, depending upon how complex the track is.
During the last few days, I have created a basic set of tracks in order to see how different it is from what I am used to, and have hit one puzzling snag. Halion Sonic SE3 seems to be totally out of tune with my bass and acoustic guitars.
I know that the guitars are tuned correctly, but when I manually add some simple base guitar notes using the Halion Sonic SE3 ‘Modern Jazz Upright’ setting, (Master set at 440Hz) the note which should be a ‘D’ is actually a shade below D flat.
It can be worked around by using a lot of pitchbend, or by using the master tuning setting to adjust D flat a little in order to match the recorded guitar’s ‘D’, but then all the key ‘pitch’ notations shown are a semitone out.
I must be doing something wrong or, hopefully, I have missed something quite simple in my initial set-up.
I have not encountered this issue in the old version of Cubase that I am used to.
I guess I should post this in the right slot, but I have had a quick search on the tuning issue and most of the related information is two years old at least. There does not seem to be anything more recent.
Any advice would be gratefully accepted. :question:

I just checked here and it is right on with my Korg Triton keyboard as far as pitch goes.

Double check, make sure you don’t have any midi effect on the track, make sure the track transpose is not on.
If you have the event info area check that the pitch is 0 for cars and fine tuning as well

Check your coarse and fine tuning on your keyboard as well

I am still trying to find my way around the programme.
Track Midi effect ?
Transpose ?
Pitch for cars?
Fine tuning?
I will go and look for these settings, as all I have done to date is pretty basic, so maybe there are settings, default or otherwise, that need to be ‘adjusted’.
This programme is light years ahead of the old VST4, and I must admit to being a bit overwhelmed.

I do not have an ‘external’ keyboard. I am just creating tracks by adding notes manually to the bass guitar track. They just don’t tie up with my acoustic guitar.

Bass and guitars tuned to standard tuning?

Using CAPO on the guitar?

  1. Your MIDI tracks and Instrument tracks have an INSERT on that track that you can put a MIDI EFFECT
  2. Open the INSPECTOR, you will see Coarse and Fine tuning there
  3. The INFO line if you open that up on the Project page has Coarse and Fine tuning there as well
  4. Check your SAMPLE Rate for the Project under Project settings. This should MATCH your interfaces sample rate, 44.1, 48, etc.
  5. If ALL of that checks out only thing left is the actual tuning of the

**DONT get overwhelmed with the app, you will get there, it is just different than previous versions

I just noticed that my two posts have been 'merged.
‘Options to Replace Cubase’ has now become “A request for Advice”.
I was sure that they were two separate posts in different forums, but maybe Admin has moved them so that continuity is maintained, however I don’t know if Pre-sales is the Forum I would have picked.
Notwithstanding …
I had managed to find the midi tracks and Instrument tracks insert option.
I also found the Octave/Coarse/Fine tuning options in the panel that opens from “Edit Instruments’ in the Halion Sonic SE Inspector/Track.
However I haven’t yet discovered the tuning option on the Info line of the project page?
The sample rate in Project Set Up is 44.1Khz, but the matching Interface rate, escapes me?
Like I say, I have been what one might call a very basic user of the old VST4 set up, and am finding this to be very different, and probably a lot more complicated than I either need, or had expected.
I have created this basic set of tracks and am feeling my way slowly through what seems to be hundreds of options and possibilities.
As of now, I have ‘Tuned’ the bass guitar track to match my guitar and all is well, so I am now constructing a percussion track. To say the least, the plethora of options for drum types and sounds is mind blowing.
It will probably take me another 20 years to get to grips with this, but I only have another 16 days to use this free version before I decide whether or not to purchase it.
Thanks for your help and advice, it has been most gratefully received.

Command+I for the INFO LINE. Make sure the audio event in question is selected as well

What happens sometime is guys will record their track at diff sample rate say 48khz. Then the audio driver is somehow set to 44.1. That will give issues with pitch and speed.

I just make sure the sample rate setting on my interface matches the Project sample rate, all good