A required license is missing

So with a move away from the dongle, are we just left to drift in the wind with these problems? EVERY time I open Cubase there is an issue with a VSTi license. Seriously - how hard can this be to fix!!! I just want an answer. Hello??? Anyone home???
I can feel a YouTube video coming on . . .

this helps nobody
which VSTi?


I guess, the solution for you is to follow this knowledgebase article.

Who doesn’t love to troubleshoot software you have paid for! Less music to write!

All of the ones I paid for - randomly! Halion 6, Groove Agent 5, Triebwerk - I could go on . . .

yes I’ve seen that article and none of it applies to me. Of course I could send a crash log - if they generated. Or buy a new dongle - I did! Or uninstall and re-install eLicensor - I did! Or perhaps trash my entire music DAW in the middle of an album mix? The hits just keep on coming - not!


Which VSTi is showing the message?

This time Groove Agent. Last time Halion 6. Sometimes Padshop. ELC doesn’t work. I should be getting compensation. I uninstalled all the Steinberg VSTi, cleaned the registry and reinstalled them all. I’m back to running maintenance before evey session but at least it’s working. Slate and Waves don’t cause any issues on my system. Work harder Steinberg.