A Romantic Comedy (lyrics by surfer) redone


Some of you might remember this tune from a while back but I was never really happy with it. I’ve redone some of the guitars in a lighter style.

Here is both the new and a tweaked old version

A Romantic Comedy

Al comments welcome


Hi Dave,

Hmm? Sorry, but I like both version! :smiley:
My ears are a little cooked at the mo, but if you were to twist my arm, then i’d go with the new one, I like the lighter style guitars on this.
Nothing wrong with the vocals on the new version, but I do like how the vocals sound a little closer in the the old version :slight_smile:


Hi Dave,

I remember this one.
The new version sounds good (though I also like the old version), I only think the vocal could be a tad louder, it’s overpowered by the lead guitar in some places.

Nice lyrics by Ted, as always! :slight_smile:


Hi Dave,

Yeah… I think the lighter approach to the guitars was a good move. I didn’t mind the older version at all, but I think this approach fits the chracter of the song a little better.

I reckon more than just a tad! I think you sing this one really well so I’d like to hear your vocal a lot more upfront! :slight_smile:


I agree the vox could be more up front. Love the vibe, Dave. Made me smile again!! :smiley:

Hiya Dave. I like both versions but the problem with both versions is the vocal isn’t up front enough. Apart from that, they’re great :sunglasses:


Hi Guys

Thanks for the listen everyone. Vocals up it is then. :wink: Am just uploading a new version with vocals up about 2db. Also but a little lowish mids from some of the guitars to help the vocal come through.


i realy like this song you could have done 3 versions for me the melodys shine through no matter how you mix it,its a realy catchy quirky song, syd barrett would have been proud . i must add great lyrics aswell.

Hiya, Dave. Nice production. Word Meister Ted at his best, as per usual. :sunglasses:

Thanks very much for that. I really am a sucker for quirky. :wink:


Yeah I really like Ted’s lyrics. Where is he anyway?

He’s been hanging at 6’s, Dave. I’ll give him a link to this. :sunglasses:

The lighter touch is much better. The lyrics pay homage to pop lit of the 19th and 20th century

really enjoyed this one, well done. liked that solid kick drum. good chuckle for sure.
wtg guys

Hello Ted :slight_smile:

Such good lyrics these that they could fit in songs of many genres IMHO.

Bob, thanks for stopping by. :sunglasses:

I like! Good mix - a real feel good song. It’s infectious. I like the lyrics I’m hearing, but I can’t make out all the words,
wish you’d have posted them here. HI Ted. :slight_smile:

Good job, Dave. This is a bit different for you, and different is good. :sunglasses:


Hi Dave,

I like the new version. My only minor crit would be about those final guitar duets, a bit too
loud and not quite in tune?

Other than that, really good.


Hi Lenny

Thanks for the listen. I’ll see if I can dig those lyrics out in the mix and to on my puter to post them here.


Thanks Jet

I’ll sort those guitar parts out. :sunglasses:

So, did ya?

I do remember this. Like the current version. It sure is a happy , smiley tune. Well done. Great mix.