A sample filetype that embeds one sample per key

I’d love Steinberg to develop and promote a sample file format that embeds a series of WAW files - one high-quality sample per key. Cubase could be the first to support this file format. I have found some sample collections on the Internet where you basically have a ZIP file with a series of WAV files (12 notes × 7 octaves) but then, if you are brave, you have to import those sample files one by one in your DAW sampler. Otherwise, you just import one sample (e.g. C3), and let the sampler resample this key to reproduce the remaining notes, but the remaining notes are of rather poor quality.

I tried importing a C3 sample of the Lately Bass of the Yamaha TX81Z into Groove Agent One. C3 sounds great, but as you move away from C3, the sound gets thin, aliased and loses its character.

For some types of sounds or instruments (e.g. acoustic instruments), there is little or no need for fundamental changes of the sound itself (e.g. filter cutoff, etc.) so using a rompler makes sense and uses little resources on the computer.

It would be convenient to have a file format that embeds a series of samples for just one sound/instrument, one high-quality WAV file per key. One could import such a file into a virtual sampler just by a single drag & drop (as we do individually unfortunately in Groove Agent One), and each key would have its corresponding sample file assigned in a second. Of course, this file format should be open so that anyone can compile and share such high-quality sample collections.

Thanks :wink: