A second 'goodie' utility... (Windows only, sorry...)

Hi all,

As I don’t have a Mac at disposal and don’t know if an equivalent can be done under OSX, this is only for Windows users. Sorry again…

Remember this one (https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=175&t=31882) ? Using his tool, I immediatly thought that the same thing dedicated to the Generic remote setup could also be useful, as remembering each and every controls and parameters related is rather difficult, especially when you have more than one device involved, with different banks in each of them.

So, following JMCecil path and his Key commands utility, I committed more or less the same thing for the Generic remote setup. It’s not perfect, as there are some quirks related to the way that Cubase display and manage some parameters with only numerical values. But the result makes me think that it could still be useful for some of us here.

Now, how does this work ? There are 2 files :

  • The GenericRemote.vbs file (the VBScript source)
  • The GenericRemote.ini file which contains the path of the relevent Cubase preferences folder. This one has to be edited according to your setup.

The more evident way of doing is to set both of them in the ‘Documents’ folder and launch the former one from here by double clicking on it, after having cautiously checked your Cubase Preferences path in the latter one.

WARNING ! The path is divided in 2 parts and your Windows user name should not appear in it, as it is retrieved by the script. Maybe not the best way to do so, but I wanted to avoid any unwanted edition of the .vbs file.

The script creates a ‘CubaseRemoteSettings’ subfolder in it. It will contain all the files generated by the script, including the resulting setup file and, of course, it can be freely erased if needed. The 2 files must be in the same folder.

Few observations :

  • I only provided a .txt output file for now, as I’m not really at ease with the html way of displaying things, yet. Maybe the object of a ‘2.0’ version ?
  • Only the labelled ‘Generic remote’ devices are taken into account. I could have implemented also the Cubase predefined remote devices (i.e. : Maclie control’), as I know where are the settings for them in the ‘Defaults.xml’ file but let’s say that I’m lazy and I wanted to get quicly something useful… This could also be an object of a ‘2.0’ version.
  • I have tesred it with my 3 different installed Cubase versions : 5.1.1, 6.5.4 and 7.0.2 in their 64 bits flavor. Seems to work with all of them.
  • I didn’t test it under Windows XP, but I guess that it should work, provided that the path is correctly setted in the GenericRemote.ini file.

So, let me know what you think about it and feel free to report back any observation or issue.

1.1 UPDATE (09/03/13)

I uploaded a more reliable version which :

  1. behaves in a more normal way when there is no generic remote device defined in the ‘Device setup’ window.

  2. takes account of a rather weird behavior of the ‘Device setup’ window (bug or ‘by design’ ?). Let’s say that you have the following devices defined :

  • Generic Remote
  • Generic Remote 2
  • Generic Remote 3

You remove (with the ‘-’ button on the top of the list), say, ‘Generic Remote 2’ in the list and quit Cubase. Relaunching it and going in the ‘Device setup’ window you can see that there is still the ‘Generic Remote 2’ defined with all its settings. The ‘Generic Remote 3’, on the opposite, has disappeared… Seems that only the number of devices defined is counting, no matter which ones, and this is clearly visible by the way the Defaults.xml file lists the Generic Remote devices defined by the user. So, the previous version of this utility wasn’t taking account of this and was still displaying all the Generic Remote devices once defined, even if they have been removed in a later stage. Seems that it’s fixed…

1.2 UPDATE (16/03/13)

Another update which :

  • gives more details about the Quick controls settings,
  • shows all Generic Remote and Quick controls settings in a clearer way.

Next stage will probably concern the predefined remote controllers (i.e. : Mackie, JLCooper, Yamaha and so on…)

1.21 UPDATE (17/03/13)

Just a more streamlined source and a fix of a little bug concerning an eventual error message box…

1.22 UPDATE (18/03/13)

Another fix which, for Windows XP users, should allow a correct localization of your ‘Documents’ folder.
Sorry for this one : guess I’ve been too much ‘Windows 7’ centered… :blush:

Updated version - see here : http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=181&t=50587

Cheers !

An update : see the first post of this thread…


Another update : see again the first post of this thread…

Feel free to post any suggestion or report any issue.