A second Steinberg USB key ...


Is it useless to buy a second USB key from Steinberg ?
I have an older computer at home that i use also for Cubase (for practice an creation) but each time, i have to take my original USB KEY from my prime computer to make Cubase work … maybe it’s a good idea to buy a new one, but this should do the job ?


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Aloha S,

1-It is not useless but it will cost you a full license fee to do so.
Tho’ this can be helpful if you want to keep a back-up key.

2-Or you can buy a blank key (much cheaper) and transfer the license info from one to the other
but most users only do this if the 1st key is getting physically worn out. (it can happen)

And keep in mind if you follow path #2 you will still have only one working key at a time.

3- Watch yer language here!

Good Luck!


I would say, to buy the 2nd USB-eLicenser doesn’t solve your issue. The license is always stored on one USB-eLicenser only. You cannot have one license stored on two USB-eLicensers. So you will need to unplug the USB-eLicenser always, when you want to move to another computer.


The only way around this issue is to get (buy) another full copy (or several) of Cubase.

Pricey but works.

Good Luck!



In another thread users suggested getting an extension cable and putting the keyfob into some kind of protective case with the extension cord going to the USB. You can also order a back-up Key from the company.

While I don’t like the system, I do understand why the company uses this level of security. I’d rather give up an expansion slot in the DAW than to have to use the fragile and easily removed USB Key.