A serious fault in when editing dialogue but cant get why

This situation took at least 3 hours of work while blaming the pic editor and scratching my head.
I never had any situation like that and It must find its way to Steinberg people to get to the bottom of it.

I working on a Doc film and editing dialogue. today I opend it to start work from the point I stoped last time and withoout noticed I find myself fight on every word cause there where cuts not between words but on the words. obviously I was fighting endless clicks and clacks. when open the handle to figure out why this dialogue string is so messed up I noticed that the words geting cut in weird places as if the editor build sentences by himself from random words.

after talking with the pic editor who double checked and didnt know what I was talking about I checked my AAF files and find out that there was a weird shift in time for some reason, between project savings that I did and the track moved back in time BUT the cuts from the AAF stood still so words were cut in new places.
For example: a sentence goes like this: cut “I really want to help him” cut. became like this cut I really wantcutto helpcut*him.

I was so lucky that it went for 3-4 hours only to loose and not 3 days of editing but now I can not trust Nuendo. and I need to know what happend between those “saves”.

Now…I do have a lead. somewhere on this dialogue string I use RX7 connect to batch process the noise out and it wouldn’t be the first time RX is doing funky problems when returning the material to Nuendo but I did find that on earlier “save” that worked fine that it was already processed.

I really need to find what was the cause before I getting to work on it again.

How can I get in touch with steinberg people?
Anyone experienced anything like this before?

Hello there, if I may ask, did you bounce every clip before sending to RX?

I ask because this is how I work and so far, with no problem.

No. I dont see any reason to do that.
I never had a problem with one clip. It was banch processing for the whole string.

I think you may need to re import the original AAF firstly to verify how it came in originally if not done already.