A serious problem has occured: Auto Fades settings

Cubug 10.0.20… showed error window and generated dmp file.

It happened after I set up Auto Fades Setting… I checked every of ticks and set crossfades to equal power and pressed “as default”.
Nothing helps, everytime I choose Auto Fades Settings the error occurs.
I couldn’t find any technical support address mentioned in this error window to send *.dmp file to.
Anyone know the know adress? Is there any support listening this forum?


This is an known, already reported issue.


so I am waiting for v10.0.21

btw, do you know if is there any technical support address to send *.dmp files and report issue?


You can get in touch with the technical support from your MySteinberg account.

But if it crashes in this specific use case, you don’t have to send any, it’s already known and documented.