''A serious problem has occured in padshop while open to play.

Cubase 64bit 2020.6.4 12.27.dmp (651 KB)

What is ABU Plug in ?


Sorry, I don’t know the plug-in, actually, I even don’t know, if ABU is a plug-in in this case. What about this ABU?

Is this System(P.C) problem? Can you tell me,what should i do in this situation? any solution?

please give me any solution.


Do you have the mentioned, linked plug-in installed, please?

Yes,I installed many plugins for my production.should I remove all plug ins except cubase plug ins ?


No, just the ABU plug-in, which is crashing.

padshop is crashing.which i sent you in DMP file.

padshop is a cubase plug in,if i remove it,then how can solve this error?

Can i update my p.c bios? new Bios updates are supported in cubase 9 pro? Please?


Padshop is not mentioned in the crash dunno at all, but ABU is mentioned. Therefore I would focus on it.

Yes, you can update your PC BIOS.

I Removed ABU plug in from my p.c and cubase.but problem is persist as it.

What should i do now?


Attach the lates *.dmp file, please.

Cubase 64bit 2020.6.7 13.35.dmp (601 KB)

Sir,please tell me how to get rid of this error?


Now the crash is really in Padshop. As I can see, you have the latest 1.2.20 update installed. The crash is while trying to write a parameter data.

Unfortunately I don’t know what could help here. The product is not in the development anymore.

it could be system Bios update problem?

can you tell me one thing,should we connect audio interface while export final audio file? any difference in audio file with or without any audio interface?