''A serious problem has occured in padshop while open to play.

hi,i am using cubase 9 pro.i have serious problem with padshop while i am using padshop it shows “A serious problem has occurred;please try to save your project” and after that it stop.i had updated all maintenance updates.and i am using windows 10 pro.can i update my old bios? please give me any solution as soon as possible.thanks

Hi and welcome,

Please attach the mentioned DMP file.

Cubase 64bit 2020.5.4 17.42.dmp (1.95 MB)

I updated cubase from 9 pro to 9.5.but problem is persist.please help me.i
Cubase 64bit 2020.5.28 19.53.dmp (782 KB)
attaching DMP file.


There is no Cubase in the Stack Text at all. Probably ABU plug-in?


Cubase 64bit 2020.6.4 12.27.dmp (651 KB)

What is ABU Plug in ?


Sorry, I don’t know the plug-in, actually, I even don’t know, if ABU is a plug-in in this case. What about this ABU?

Is this System(P.C) problem? Can you tell me,what should i do in this situation? any solution?

please give me any solution.


Do you have the mentioned, linked plug-in installed, please?

Yes,I installed many plugins for my production.should I remove all plug ins except cubase plug ins ?


No, just the ABU plug-in, which is crashing.

padshop is crashing.which i sent you in DMP file.

padshop is a cubase plug in,if i remove it,then how can solve this error?

Can i update my p.c bios? new Bios updates are supported in cubase 9 pro? Please?


Padshop is not mentioned in the crash dunno at all, but ABU is mentioned. Therefore I would focus on it.

Yes, you can update your PC BIOS.

I Removed ABU plug in from my p.c and cubase.but problem is persist as it.

What should i do now?


Attach the lates *.dmp file, please.