A serious problem has occurred (Cubase 5 issue)

Hi, I’m new to the forums so sorry if this isn’t the right place to discuss, but this is an issue I’ve been having for a while and it’s in need of immediate fixing

I’m using Cubase 5, now, my computer is in spanish, so the error message is in spanish as well, but I believe it is translated roughly to “A serious problem has occurred”, I’m linking a picture of the error message in spanish

I’ve looked for a solution to this issue everywhere and I’m still yet to fix it, in this particular instance I get the error message after I open an old .cpr file and try to apply the Play VST (the one that comes with EastWest products) to an already existing track. After that it freezes for a few seconds, and I get the error message. However, I want to clarify this is not a VST problem. This error has occurred to me with literally every VST I use, just in different, seemingly random instances (happened to me with HalionOne, Play, Versillian Chamber Orchestra, Addictive Drums, Magnus Choir, etc.). I’m convinced this is a Cubase problem, since I find it too unlikely that all of my VSTs have issues

I have also tried reinstalling Cubase, reinstalling the VSTs, moving folders, and even though the first one seemed to have fixed the problem for a while, it suddenly appears again, and I have no idea how to fix it, and I’m getting kind of sick of it, since when this error pops up, I can’t use the particular VST that popped the error anymore on that particular project

If anyone has any idea how to fix it or can give me a hand it will be seriously appreciated

You should put your specs, interface/computer/OS/etc. in your signature for general purposes.

Just don’t open old projects, there, problem solved!

I would open old projects with caution.

I’ve had problems with those because the old songs have routings in them that are no longer valid and it’s trying to do something that causes problems.

You can update the routings of the old song or just open it up and export the midi, then open that in a new song template.

The audio files are in the audio folder so you can get to that easy enough.

Give that a try to see if that IS the problem, if not then you would eliminate one thing.

Then it’s back to troubleshooting.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the reply, although I’m inclined to disagree, because even if in this case it happened with an old file, these errors have been popping up in new projects as well, so I doubt that’s the issue. I have already got a workaround on this particular file and just used another midi for it, so I can still work with it, but I’m still worried about the error message because it just pops up randomly and it gets really annoying and most of the time it’s not something I can easily fix without having to make a completely new project all over again.

Anyhow, I do have to work with those old files though, so I can’t just not work with them, so I’d like to have the issue fixed, I’m not sure if that will solve the issue since I’m not using any audio files? Just midi instruments, but the error pops up when I try to change the plugin I’m using on a particular track

And yes, importing the midi again solves the issue, but it’s just a temporary fix, doesn’t really prevent it from happening in the future with other projects, I’ll try to post another instance when the error pops up again

There, it popped up again, this time using the same Play VST but in a brand new cubase project, created roughly three days ago

The only thing I did was importing a MIDI file and recording a few tracks with my guitar, then when trying to apply the plugins to the virtual instruments, the error message appeared once again.

(Just in case, the random numbers always change, I’m not sure what they mean yet)

Another thing I failed to mention: when this error happens, if I try to save the project it automatically creates a completely new file with an added “-01” to the name of the file, serving as some kind of backup since the original one had a serious error. Also when I close Cubase it stops responding and needs to be forced to close

However, in this new instance I got another issue that never happened before, which is that the file is now corrupt, and it doesn’t let me save the project ever again

Rough translation: “The project can’t be saved because: This project is corrupt! The previous version of the project has not underwent any changes”

Anybody got any ideas for resolving this issue? It keeps happening and it’s seriously annoying, any help towards this would be very much appreciated

Start by using a supported OS for your used software.