"A serious problem has occurred..."

I got this message when i try to open a project on my Cubase 8.5 .

The reason for failure I think is because I start a project on my pc im using original cubace 8.5 , then i continue to work on the project on another computer with original demo version of the Cubase 8 .
now i back to my PC / Cubase and i got this message below .
here is the crash file : https://www.dropbox.com/s/gi26mlhptntnziq/Cubase%

I think it is better you write a Support Request in youre Steinberg account: (b.t.w. this is the german Forum)

This is a Forum where users help users, i think nobody can do anything with youre crash dump.

What you can try out:
*) Resetting the Cubase preferences (easely rename the folder…)
*) Reinstall Cubase

*) if this don’t work, make a support request and tell them what you have done, and that it had not worked. Resetting the Cubase Prefs helps for many Problems…

But you’re not this Yahel?:smiley: http://www.djyahel.com

Best Regards