"A serious problem has occurred..."

Hi there,

I’m getting the same error message as this user from 2023: "A serious problem has occured (...) VSTAudioEngine5"

The error message has now popped up twice, once yesterday and again this morning. Now when I open Dorico, it freezes almost immediately. The linked post says that switching off “Enable WinRT MIDI” in Preferences fixed their problem, however I was able to check my preferences this last time before the program crashed and that setting was already off in the first place.

I’ve been a Dorico 4 user for some time and hadn’t updated to 5 yet – yesterday I downloaded the free trial of Dorico 5 to consider whether I want to spring for the update, and that’s when this issue started happening. As far as I can tell, Dorico 4 is not running in the background, and the file I have been working on is a new one I created in v. 5 to try out some of the new features. Any ideas what could be causing this behavior?

Try restarting your computer, then try running Dorico again. That should ensure that any lingering processes related to the aborted run of the audio engine are well and truly gone. Does Dorico now start correctly?

And if you manage to get Dorico running up until the hub window appears, please choose from Dorico’s main menu Help > Create Diagnostic Report. The corresponding zip file attach to a reply here. Thanks

Thanks! Just restarted but still got the same message. After that, Dorico would not reopen again until I went to Task Manager and ended tasks for both Dorico and VST engine. Here’s the two most recent crash dumps and the diagnostic zip:

2024.6.18 (860.7 KB)
2024.6.18 (847.0 KB)
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (521.4 KB)

Hi @schmidzy , thanks for the data.

The two dump files point at Kontakt 7.vst3 bringing Dorico’s audio engine down.
Do you have the latest Kontakt version?
Or what if you don’t use Kontakt, is Dorico behaving stable again?

Thank you! I went back into the file and removed all instances of Kontakt VST. It seems to be stable again now.

I believe it’s the latest version? I can try to double check. I just have the free Kontakt 7 Player, if that makes a difference. I’d love to be able to use outside samples, but if I can’t it’s not a deal-breaker, either.

Please check with the Native Instruments Support. I would also send them the 2 dump files, their developers can load them into a debugger and analyse what was happening there.