A short Soundtrack - So Close Yet Out Of Reach

sometimes it takes a dangerous sickness to make us remember the ones who really matter to us.
I wanted to show hope of reconciliation and fear of never getting to apologize and being together in one track. was I successful? :slightly_smiling_face:
Instruments (all VST) : strings, Piano , bells , Setar

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Hey man,
I would say that my main feeling was sadness. Hope perhaps, but like in the background…

Thanks Bruh
yeah I agree, but in my defense I think hope is a very hard thing to capture, since it’s a thought process rather than a heartfelt notion, I think…
Thanks for the response :blush: :slightly_smiling_face:

Had the feeling that it had just started when it ended. Loved it for sure. Wonderful theme. So I assume this is a cinematic cue, right?

Thanks for the kind words, it’s classic story of stable boy and the princess but in this case the princess is a girl that goes to the city and forgets the boy and then she is quarantined in hospital and the boy comes and helps the hospital staff , one day she looks at him from hospital window and has the feeling of “hope of reconciliation and fear of never getting to apologize and being together”. but it’s not made into a movie yet I’m just fiddling around with ideas.
check this as well:

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Masoomi, “Your Empty Seat” is beautiful.

yeah I think it’s my best (up until now :slightly_smiling_face: )… It’s gonna be used for the same movie though the budget is tight for this one :innocent:

Masoomi, I like it, but I feel, and this is just my opinion, you need a little more tonality of sadness and void, perhaps a lyrical violin? here or there…

yes I will definitely try that idea my man