A shoutout to Steinberg for fixing Direct Offline Processing

With C11, this is the first time that the Direct Offline Processing has ever worked for me consistently. There are still a few cautions to be aware of but at least things are manageable. (The key is to uncheck the ‘Automatic’ box if you’re curious, then make your plugin adjustments and hit ‘Apply’, and then remove your old ‘Range Selection’ window from the project if you are going to affect a change somewhere else on the track.) But this is OK by me, at least it works now. And it works for all my plugins, too, iZotope, Waves, Sir Audio Tools, TA Reverb, etc., every aftermarket plugin I own, in fact. And this is the first time! This is finally a great function in Cubase. Thank you Steinberg!! This alone was worth the upgrade charge.

Until they fix the tail issues, I personally will not be satisfied with the current offline processing. Why on Earth must I remove all my plugins from offline processing and re-add them every time I change my tail length? I just don’t get it!

Glad you’re happy with it though, I’m personally still bummed about it :frowning:

What do you mean? What is your workflow?

For example, let’s say we wish to apply a reverb to an audio clip. We set the tail to 1000ms to begin with as we want a short reverb. We later decide to make the tail longer, so we tweak the reverb plugin and then adjust the tail to 8000ms.

At this point, Cubase does NOT adapt to the change in tail length, it remains at 1000ms.

If you remove the reverb plugin, and then re-add it, Cubase adjusts to the new tail length.

This continues each time you wish to change the tail length.

Another common scenario is that you forget to set the tail length before adding a plugin, and then once again, the only option is to remove your plugins and re-add them after correcting the tail to be what you like.

Let me know if I’m making sense :slight_smile:

Yes that makes sense. I agree that the current workflow for this is very awkward.

OK, I’m confused a bit. So you are saying that you are sampling tails on a particular event in real time while using Direct Offline Processing you add a tail and then want to change that to a longer tail? I’m just asking here but wouldn’t it be better to use the reverb plugin on an insert first, find the verb tail that works and then use the Direct Offline Processing option? I’m thinking the offline processing option is intended to be a somewhat ‘final’ option even though you can do what you are doing.

I’d like an option to review the selected plugins effect while playing with the project BEFORE applying it to the audio file in the DOP.

I don’t get this. If you write it to the file then I would not expect changes to dynamically write. Why write it at all until you know what you want?