A Silent Documentary - EP


I’m proud of my work this time more than ever, can’t hide it.
This is my 3rd release, a 5 tracks EP.
It mixes lounge and EDM mostly, with some “classical” instruments such as piano and violin, and some voice audio clips sequences found on the web.
This album is like an autobiography, hence the satisfaction.
Hope it will be satisfactory to you too!

A Silent Documentary | Cabaret Naphtol (bandcamp.com)


Hey, Ryan_Kenneth
I 've listened to your 5 tracks. And i have an overall feedback :
No doubt you did a pretty good work from a compo point of view, well done…
I also think that your tracks deserve more glue. How can i say … my feeling is that the sounds involved are too extreme (ie opposite) to my ears.
May be it’s about Mid/High midrange or more bass presence.
For me, your tracks will benefit a lot from a kind of "“glue” treatment between the leads and the supporting musical environment. Again, don’t take it badly, it’s only my taste.
Take care.

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Hey Stephco

Thanks for your reply!
I know what you mean, I don’t know how I will fix that, I guess I’ll just keep it as it is, but does it is that important of differences between melodic lines and the supporting instruments? I don’t say it badly, I mean, for my ears it’s still ok as it is.