A Silent Slap Of Time

Sorry, I’ve been absent for quite some time… it’s been a bugga of a year so far; my daughter left the country, my grandmother died, my mother died, I lost my job, and had a small accident resulting in cuts, bruises, lacerations and a cracked rib. Aside from that though… life is chipper!

This song was written for a friend… who too has recently lost someone very close :frowning:

Completey reworked and remixed… yet again:

A Silent Slap Of Time

Awesome. Really well arranged and put together. Great vocals, nice harmonies. I like the slow tremolo effect (if that’s what it is) on “we’ll always”, it’s a great repeating motif that you look forward to sort of “going home to” throughout the song.

Just fantastic. Sorry to hear about all your troubles.

Back to normal with a good song Ian…some nice stuff goin on in this song, seems to be a lot of sad stuff goin on in your life…hope things get better…Kevin

Great song indeed. I really like it !

That is a bugga of a year indeed, nice to see you back anyway. Nice song too, actually reminds me of some of the Beatles-inspired Ozzy Osbourne songs, especially with the vocals and some of the guitars parts. Nice arrangement and recoding and I hope your friend liked it too!

I like this song. Sounds good.

Thanks for the feedback guys. A substantial amount of work went into this mix, and it wasn’t done by me… but rather New Zealand’s most noteworthy producer of international repute and in fact an all round musical genius, a great friend, supporter and someone I aspire to. His own work is an absolute inspiration …so much so that even Sir Paul McCartney himself once enlisted his services. And i am forever grateful for the assistance he has offered me over the years.

But regardless, the motivation for the song was certainly worthy beyond measure, it was written for one of our past forum colleagues, a contributor that gave so much and is now so greatly missed. Jet… another great talent …someone that has inspired and helped me grow whilst on my own humble musical journey…


yes, very nice choon ian ,yes i agree with jonathan, you do sound a bit like ozzy at times especially in the higher registers of your voice,and that is a compliment .sorry for all your troubles man,shame to hear about Jets loss ,i still use Jets F u k u shima track as a reference track and its also very enjoyable to listen too ,yes very talented guy i still have the raw tracks he posted for everyone, to have a go at remixing one of his songs ,i still havent finished mine yet, :laughing: lol
oh wow i just learned that f u k u shima is a swear word if you don`t use spaces fukushima … k n o b s

Cool tune. NIce backward guitar solo.

Very well done. Mix sounds great. I like the way the backing vocals come in. I like the way it pauses on the 4 chord in minor. Sorry to hear about your tough year.

Cheers guys :slight_smile: I sound a bit like Ozzy eh? Could be worse I guess! Maybe if I did drugs I could sound totally like him! :laughing: Now there’s a thought…

Love this Ian, tough times produce great music and I am glad you were able to share. The mix is incredible, backward gtrs, drums, bass, vocal all of it sits perfect. Love the harmonies!!! Does your guy mix Jazz stuff I may want to try him on a project for me who knows. There is a lot going on but it doesn’t sound like it, very hard to do :slight_smile:

WOW this is killer tune and it sounds great!!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

One thing Ed seems to do exceptionally well is “less is more” and also “more can be less”
He has a rare, inherent musical aesthetic that I can’t even begin to comprehend… one which obviously didn’t go unnoticed as I eluded to in an earlier post, and…he also happens to be one of the greatest, but often overlooked, keyboardists of the past few decades. Some of the work he did in the 80’s Split Enz days was really quite remarkable.


…and it aint over yet! My wife’s car just got broken into… and things of value stolen! :imp:

It is in tough times, really tough times, like times so tough that you close to the edge, that we realise that nothing else matters. It is in those moments when all regard for normalcy and conformity fall away that we are able to freely delve into our inner being and express our true selves therefrom.

This is a great song with a unique sound. Would definitively have this playing in the car on a road trip in to the mountains :smiley:

Cheers, Chris

Always loved SplitEndz!

Cool tune, and the mix is very good. The treatment on your vocal is spot on. And – wait for it – THE SNARE SOUNDS PERFECT! :laughing:

Cheers Chris :slight_smile: