a silly routing question

Hi All!
i use the control room at all times for tracking and mixing .since version 6.5
i love it–
however i still have no way to route a second master fader to my main outputs
(focusrite 18i20 … i want to use the second master bus for reference tracks ie no plugins on the master bus-
this was possible without the control room but like i said i love it now and will find it hard to change back
any ideas ?
F4 and i/o config i have tried but in the ctr room has no contingency to double up on bus routing

cheers guys


THe focusrite is a weird beast in terms of mixing. It connects everything to anywhere. Bought it only recently.
I guess you have two seperate mixes of (copied) tracks in cubase for a song and you want to route them to a single set of monitor outs ?
What i did find out for such a case that you really have to make a distinction between the focusrite and the cubase mix.
Cubase talks to the focusrite in terms of DAW connections (1…16). These connections can be used in the mixer in the focusrite as inputs for the focusrite mixer. Then in the bottom lines of the focusrite mixer you assign all the inputs of the mixer to one of the fysical or digital outputs.

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thanks !
but i think i did not explain it so well .
scenario …
have a mix to work on all set up and ready to go
within that mix i will use two or three reference tracks ie … some commercial hits or whatever -
i want to route them through my main or all monitors and sending them through my mix bus , master out stereo outs wont do because i have plug ins on there
so i want to use a second stereo out which in turn is routed to my main monitors … the same as the mix . but dry

i know i can do this if i dont use the control room in c8 …but i like the crt room for its other features like dim , mute ref vol big volume knob etc
not to mention the headphone outs etc

You could put all your master effects on a group track and route that to the master.
Your reference tracks would go directly to the master.
You can mute the reference tracks and then solo them to compare.

I use external inputs for my reference mixes.


Hi, another idea would be to handle the reference tracks via one of the cue-mixes. I mean: you could set up a cue mix from the secondery master bus or the original tracks. Thus by switching between the mainmix and this cue in the control room you achieve your target (of course by “blocking” one cue mix).


PS.: LEt me add - just in case you are not familiar with the cue mixes → You can select the main mix or any of the cuemixes as the source for your main control-room-monitoring, headphones, etc.

Good suggestions. Another advantage of keeping your master effects on a group and not putting them on your output bus is that you can import your mixes after rendering and then they won’t be heard through your effects (because the new tracks default to the main output bus).


great tips guys.
i may go with that group premaster one
what if any are the degradation of the group and has is or will it behave n the same way as a master fader…
this sounds like a protools type of thing …
but will try it out asap…
one super advantage s the ony thing i could ut on my masrer bus would be the the analyzers–

sounds great

this would also be all lower latency right ??
and should i need to do a quick overdub i would have no masterbus latency probs