A simpler way to work on multiple events

I use QBase 11 Pro. I do quite a lot of orchestration. After I’ve recorded all the parts, many times I have to go back and fine-tune them to align more accurately with one another. So for this example let’s say I have strings on tracks 1 through 10. In this case I would probably edit track one to be exactly what I’m looking for, then I would match up tracks 2-10 to that. Things like phrases beginning and ending at the same time. Intuitively I would think you could click at the top to place the vertical line (control arm, start point whatever it’s called) where are you are making an edit, and then as u click other tracks they would all be in the same place so you could quickly make edits. but each time I click on a new track, The edit screen goes all the way back to the beginning, or the end, or somewhere completely different forcing me to scroll back to the precise place where I am making the edit. Sometimes I have hundreds of tiny little adjustments like this that take literally all day most of which is spent scrolling. Is there a way to make this work so The tracks you were editing stay aligned?


For this one, I use the double-press F (Auto Scroll) Key Command. This forces the editor to scroll to the cursor’s position.

Hi Martin,
Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I will try that… (double press, same as double clicking something only pressing the F key instead, then tapping scroll lock?


The first F press disable the Auto Scroll. The 2nd F press enable it, which forces the editor to scroll to the cursor position. That’s it. No more magic. :wink: