A single instance of H-bar rest needed, any way of doing it?

I have one single bar where I have a G.P. and would actually like that single measure to show an H-bar rest. however, I do not want this appearing in other single bars in the score (well, parts.)

I know there is a global setting for this, but is there any way of doing it measure by measure on a case-by-case basis? (ie: applying it to one single measure in a score)

Maybe build one as a Line? There are probably a few ways to go about it, but I actually just used a blank line, and then built the H-bar rest using the Rests SMuFL range as a Center Annotation.

A Line attached to barlines will always then be centered in the bar.

the font for the number would be in one of the font categories? (I need the number “1” above)

I’m presuming that I’d actually have to create two independent lines? one with the multi-bar H-rest, and one with the number “1” centered above the staff?

(unless there’s a way of having both those symbols attached to the center of a line? I suspect there isn’t)

If you do it with a Center Annotation, you should be able to create the H-bar and the number as your annotation. The H-bar is a fixed width that way though. Maybe there’s a better way just using a thick line, custom end caps, and then just the number as a center annotation. There might be other passible ways with Lines too.

If you use a blank line and do the whole thing as a center annotation, remember that Dorico doesn’t support a 0-width line so it will print out and export as a hairline. You can use a dashed line with a pattern of 0, 0, or a repeatable line with nothing selected though.

it gets complicated… I don’t want the multi-bar rest to show in the score, however, I need it in the parts.

and I can’t find a way of masking the whole bar rest in the parts, but not in the score.

ok, so by default I can’t apply a single instance of a multi-bar rest like this. at least I know.

Hmmm, it would take more manual positioning, but I suppose you could do it with Playing Techniques. You could apply 2 techniques, one with the correct formatting for the score, and one with the part formatting, then switch to Local and hide the one that isn’t correct for that layout.

You might be able to use 2 different Lines too. You can’t hide them, but you could switch to Local and scale them down to 1% so they would hide in a staff line.

Oy, oy, oy… LOL
I think I’ll just stick to my line with the G.P. text and forget about having the H-bar in the parts.


You could maybe even use a Notehead Set. Create a new set, define the whole note to be the glyph you want in the score, and create another set for the parts. Hide the other “notehead” in Engrave.