a Single thread CPU to replace the FX8350

Supposedly Music software demand a good single core thread perf (CPU) … and i’m still with my FX8350 (december 2020) … i want to know how i can compare the FX with those of today ?
Plugins are for the most not optimized (i believe in this) … & this make my FX8350 nervous !
There is a benchmark for single thread here (https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html) … as example the result is *1566 for the FX8350 while the ryzen 3600 is 2585 … but this mean nothing for me when i work on cubase 10 !
What is the meaning of thse benchmark in term of real perf ? (% or +)
Any idea or comparaison ?
Which rescent AMD CPU (not an expensive one) will make a great difference compare to the FX8350 (without taking all my money) that still very good in my opinion !
Note that there is a rising price of AMD CpU …

Thanks to all

Any of the 3xxx- or 5xxx-series should make a big difference. I went from a Phenom II to the first gen Ryzen 1700 and the difference was significant. And going from the 1700 to the current 5xxx-series would be even more significant I think. We’re talking about 10% improvement from 1st to 2nd gen, same from 2nd to 3rd, and now with 5xxx it’s an even bigger improvement in performance.

I literally don’t think you can pick a CPU with six cores or more from the current AMD generation and be dissatisfied.


has a test between CPUs. Go with that article I think.

Yes Of course the 3000x & 5000X series are not a problem … but their prices & availability have changed since a few days … this have changed my mind to the point that i reconsider my choice for a lower cpu profil … this was my question … which one can do the job for less money spent ?! … if it’s true that DAW’s demand is a powerfull single thread !
which one ?! , but i found that the 3300x is the best choice but still unavailable !

Well it actually depends on the work you’re doing.

The idea is that if you have a very heavy plugin, or several heavy plugins in series, then the work done has to be done in a particular order. So you can’t start process #4 before processes #1, #2 and #3 have completed. It’s normally not a big deal with stock plugins because they generally aren’t that heavy. So stock EQ followed by compressor followed by deesser followed by another EQ or whatever is a peace of cake. But if you load up with really heavy plugins in a series then CPU speed becomes a bit more important.

As long as it isn’t you should benefit from more cores. Because at that point you can spread out the load over more places - again as long as it’s work done in parallel.

In either case the effect of pushing the CPU too hard is that the audio buffer empties before new data is ready, and you get an audio dropout. Could sound like a click or glitch. So the larger the buffer the easier it all is.

This is why when you look at the tests the DSP test is mostly ok for a lot of CPUs, but the VSTi / voices test is harder. It’s because you want low latency when you play an instrument AND have effects playing back. Too high latency means you can feel the lag between performance and sound. And larger buffer = more latency.

Therefore you can consider what you do and how you work and that should give you some ideas. I’m running the first generation 1700 and I’m mixing TV shows with it. My buffer is maxed out. I don’t care. I don’t need super-low latency. If you’re a very skilled musician and you have a project with heavy instruments and effects and want to play all of that back live without freezing tracks and record at the same time then that’s a different situation.

I really don’t think you should get anything less than a 6-core CPU. If you have low demands then a 6-core would do fine I think, but four cores is just very little and I think you might regret getting that in a few years. It may outperform your old FX8350 of course, but…

Where are you buying and what are your options?

I explained myself in a bad way … i’m sorry !
You’re all right … less than 6 core is a risk …
Anyway i can’t find a 3300x … & the Zen3 5600X is still unavailable … pay a CPU between these two is also a risk because the prices will fall in a couple of week when the stock will return to normal … this is why the 3300x was the best temporary choice until the 5600x available … the 3300x is cheap with a good single thread CPU…so it wouldn’t have been a big loss if i would change to a 5600x in the next 2-3 months !
i’m forced to stay a couple of more months with my FX8350 … i can do a lot with it but not too much plugins … I have 5 Solid State Logic plugins that hit a little hard my FX … but the FX8350 is still good … i will wait … the market is too much crazy right now !
Thank you all
Note : i play Rock (not agressive) using a maximum of 20-24 tracks … not too much effects … but more EQ, compressors ect … it’s maybe why my FX8350 still do a great job ! ???