A Single, Universal Set of Cubase 12 Install Instructions

(Apologies for the weird topic title … character number limitations!)

Hi friendly and helpful Cubase employees helping us on this forum!

I understand it’s a massive undertaking as you change your licensing mechanisms while simultaneously releasing a new Cubase version, and I’m thankful for your presence and efforts helping people work through the problems.

I have been holding off on upgrading to C12 Pro because of all the problems I’m reading about in this forum.

To guide me for when i do sit down and upgrade, I’ve been reading the forum entries assiduously, doing my best to gather and bookmark all the instruction/links from the Steinberg reps assigned to help this week.

I’m realizing however that though I’ve built up a large number of instructive and helpful links, I’m finding it difficult to know where to start. Though i can’t be sure, i suspect I’m not alone feeling that way.

So :slight_smile: : Would it be possible for Steinberg to release a single set of universal instructions for how to get C12 up and running, perhaps in a flow chart type format/display? It would cover each possible use scenario (e.g., new first time purchase, vs. upgrading from C11 Pro vs Artist, etc.), with helpful hints along the way if people run into problems (e.g., “If after step #4b you receive this error message, “-----”, please do the following: …”.

It’d be great if you could do that, it would make life so much nicer for the folks that are holding off on C12 out of trepidation they’ll wind up with the kinds of problems as are being described in the forum currently, up to and including loss of ability to use their currently fully functional C11 Pro.

Thank you!


A long-time Cubase user :slight_smile:

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Hi Alexis,

I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one because I know Steinberg is not going to give you a manual on how to upgrade from 11 to 12.

But it’s actually pretty straight forward.

  1. You purchase the license.
  2. You get a key that you enter in the SDA.
  3. It will install the new license manager and activate it
  4. It will set your current license of CB11 in elicenser to ‘Not upgradable’. So that’s a sign that CB12 is usable.

But if you have any issues with CB12 whatsoever. CB11 will remain usable as if you didn’t upgrade at all!

So what it will basically do is, after entering the activation code, it will download and installed CB12 along side your existing CB11 and will import all settings from CB11. But it will not remove or even affect your CB11 installation.

So whatever may go wrong with the upgrade of CB12, you will always be able to use CB11 as you used to. So don’t panic. Just dive in!

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Hi @Nickeldome !

Thanks for your amazingly helpful and detailed reply! :slight_smile:

Though it’s of course hard to determine from forum posts alone
what percentage of new Cubase 12 Pro downloaders are having problems, the comments from the Steinberg employees assigned to troubleshooting during the release process do underscore that the great results you had are not as common as one would hope.

I’d go download C12 in a New York minute if i were sure i could back out of any problems i might encounter and still have C11 Pro … but there have actually been reports of the eLicenser getting crosswise during the C12 download, and consequently C11 Pro being unavailable! I’ve only got one machine i have easy access to, so don’t want to be dead in the water re: C11 Pro as a result of trying to get C12 Pro.

I’m going to wait till at least Sunday night to download C12 Pro (servers better/less overloaded by then), and I’ve started asking myself, “am i really so unhappy with what i have with C11 Pro that i can’t wait for the first C12 Pro #.# released update”? I’m not so sure the answer is yes …

Thank you again!

Your very welcome!

The elicencer problems reported here in the forum are mainly due to the overload of the ‘old’ activation server because users want to upgrade the very first day and even the very first hour. And people always get agitated because thy can 't get their CB12 working. But always remember: You’ll always be able to run your CB11 from for dongle because it was already activated and written to the dongle. But people are so stressed and confused that their CB12 is not working so they conclude CB is not working at all. But again, CB11 will still work fine until you manually uninstall it.

I ‘never’ upgrade the first few days because I know this is going to happen all the time when a major update is released. People seem to need it now, this hour! I don’t know why you should but I can understand the urge of wanting something new?

So take your time and keep in mind, when you do decide to upgrade and something might go wrong, you’ll always have the same exact CB11 available and you have lots of time to troubleshoot the failed CB12 installation.

I have been attempting to ‘upgrade’ to cubase 12 under the ‘grace period’.
nowhere can i find how to do so, the site sends me in endless circles.
can someone, somewhere, tell me how to cut out all the garbage and to receive the access code?

Do you have 11 installed and activated on the dongle?

I have version 11 installed and activated on dongle

Do what @Nickeldome said.

It’s really not much of a bother.

apart from the bit that says ‘purchase licence’