a slur issue

Hi together!

I’m not sure if anyone already mentioned that, but I often find slurs going over a system break that look quite strange. Apparently Dorico always places the slur end near the upper line of the staff - with no regard to the melodic line. The screenshot is from “Tombeau de Rachmaninoff”, one of the examples shipped with Dorico. I have the same problem in my own projects – and I even found this issue in one of the video tutorials.

Does anyone know if fixing this problem is in the line?



And here comes a screenshot of the “control staff spaces” tutorial. 0:38

The issue is not only at the end of system one but also at the beginning of system two.


P.S. The more I get used to work with Dorico the more I like it. But I have the impression that there are some problems that don’t match the rest of the high standard of Dorico…
after the system break.png

You’ll find quite a few discussions by searching for “slur” and “break.”

Thank you, Dan, for your tip. So I’m not as alone as I thought…

Yes. That problem is well known and the team will probably provide some nice implementation when they have the time for it — in the meantime it’s perfectly possible to correct it in Engrave mode (alt-clicking the handles is handy in this situation)

The straightening of slurs at the end and at the beginning of the following system is rather time consuming. Any news on this front?