(?) A small and hamrless(?) bug in Score Editor

Please, do the following. The bug seems so harmless that I thought of not reporting, but I want to be sure there’s no consequence in the internals of the Score Editor functioning:

  1. Create a MIDI track;
  2. create an empty part in the track;
  3. open the part with Score Editor
  4. open undo/redo ´History´ window
  5. back to the Score Editor, insert a note anywhere;
  6. drag the note with the mouse;
  7. see it creates a ´move note´ action (check the ´history´ list);
  8. now use a nudge up or down command to move the note;
  9. it creates a ´delete event´ action in the ´history´ list.

I could not identify any other difference after both methods of moving, except that nudge doesn’t always play the note for every movement. But that might be dependent on personal VSTi configuration, and I can’t reproduce this consistently.

Anyway, I wanted to be sure that this is really harmless, so I hope a developer could check it.


(I’m not a developer, of course :wink:, but it doesn’t seem to do any harm here, and moving back up and down in the Undo History list works o.k… but, yes, this would certainly look confusing if one went back into the Undo History some time later, after having performed various other operations.