A small bug in C12.50.0 with the "lock" on some tracks

Repo :
Load Halion 6
Activate say 8 outputs
Made 8 Midi tracks
ADD MIDI AVERT/PARTS , what ever you want to call them :grin: :+1:
Put all into a folder and LOCK

Then Unlock and try to open the in place editor on the midi tracks .

This had me baffled for a good half hour not being able to open ANY in-place editors even thou the lock should of been released .
Pressing the lock button a few times allowed the tracks to be unlocked and the in-place editors worked again

Hm… There are no midi parts added to tracks in your repro – should there have been?

Also, you’re on 12.0.50 – an ‘official’ bug report can only be made for the current version, 12.0.52.

Pick bones ? I’ll edit .

This is the only small issue i’ve had with 50 . This is as far as i go until the remote app is full implemented .

I’m not dead yet, please wait.