A small enhancement request to CD window

I record a lot of live classical concerts. I generally montage the whole concert, regardless of length and generate a final CD. If the concert is longer than 80 minutes, I split the CD into two using the CD window by deleting tracks. In WL6, I used to be able to highlight multiple tracks that I wanted to delete and delete them in one. With WL7 and 8 I can only delete them one at a time.

Is it possible to provide multiple selection of tracks in the CD window so that they can be deleted in one?

Indirectly, yes: what you can do, is to make an audio selection that covers all desired tracks, and delete it.

I would prefer not to do that is it changes my montage, which I would rather keep whole as the montage represents the concert.

It is a little request and I understand not really important in the scheme of things - but it wold be nice

Then you can simply delete all desired markers from the marker tool window, in one operation.