A small feature request: ability to change the default settings for grace notes

Would it be possible to have the option to change the default settings for grace notes (strike thru or not)?

Yes, I know I can use a global filter to change these, but even that leaves the task of going back to fix the initial instances, which may or may not demand explicit notation.

(I’m doing a lot of baroque/classical transcriptions and this is becoming a real pain!)


I agree with this. It would indeed be nice to be able to designate appoggiaturas as opposed to acciaccaturas beforehand. As it is now, after pressing /, one has to remember to press Opt-/ to remove the strike-through. It does help if you stay in note entry mode, keeping the entry caret visible and using the arrow keys to navigate. As the setting to have grace notes without slashes remains active, you don’t have to keep pressing Opt-/.

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Thank you. That works.

I love the flexibility of Dorico, but there appears to be a limit to the number of key shortcuts my brain can retain!