A Small Packaging Suggestion For WL 8

Dear PG…

For whatever reason, I stumbled upon the SOS review of WL7 the other day and -really- studied it. The guy was just gushing about it so much.

I confess that I only got WL7 under small duress… I figured I needed it when going to Win7 64. And I have -fought- with the UI since day one. And mainly this is because I didn’t want to do the re-learning it required. I was resentful that there was -any- learning curve. That’s not your fault.

Every time I’ve used WL7 since I’ve done the absolute minimum to get a task complete. After almost 2 years with this, I finally took an hour to get comfortable with the new UI and I found I could pretty much get the new UI to work the way it does in WL6… which -really- helps. (Even though I know I could probably do a lot more if I worked with all the floating stuff.)

All stubbornness aside, here’s my suggestion.

You should include a ‘Wavelab6 Layout’ option on the installer for WL8. It should set all UI preferences and all the default windows and tools to match WL6 as much as humanly possible. Basically set it up as an old school ‘MDI Child’ layout instead of all the floating gizmos (which I am slowly growing to appreciate. :smiley: )

Despite my grousing, I think the new UI flexibility is great. But so many old farts (like me) have so much invested in more than a decade with the ‘old’ look that it’s just -mercy- to give us a more familiar starting point that we can grow -out- from incrementally. (That’s actually a great compliment to how much I think of WL.)

Most Respectfully,