A small problem after Windows update

Although I have Dorico 3.5 up and running again after a Windows 10 update there are some odd things happening that weren’t happening before.
When I open Dorico from the 3.5 icon on the task bar and click on a recent project in the hub window it opens as it should, however if I click on the same piece in the folder where it is kept, then it opens in Dorico 3 - which I still have on the computer. As I said this wasn’t happening previously. The question is if I uninstall Dorico 3 (which I admit I probably should have done when I installed 3.5) will my files open as they should from inside the folder?

Just change the file association. Find a Dorico project and right click on it and choose Properties. Then there is a section “Opens with” and a “Change” button. Click on that button and in the upcoming little window on “More apps” then scroll all the way down until “Look for another app on this PC”. Click on that and you get a file select dialog. Simply navigate to the Dorico3.5.exe highlight it and OK, done.

Thank you, Ulf. would it be sensible to uninstall Dorico 3?

It depends on how you see it. Firstly it does not harm or anything, it just occupies some space on your harddrive. So if you want to clean up and really make all space available, then uninstall the old Dorico installation. Some people can’t be bothered or for various other reasons keep older versions. It’s difficult to give proper advice here, but I’d say, unless you find yourself good reasons to keep it, clean out the old version.

Thanks again Ulf - I will think about it.