A small wish-list for the "condensing" function

I want to thank Lillie and PianoLeo for all their wonderful help (and patience) in seeing me through problems I was having in grappling with the ins and outs of condensing. I also find that I can see MarcLarcher’s point that condensing is in itself a useful tool in proof-reading, as it reveals right away through its revealing of blips and blemishes where one has failed to position parallel dynamics and hair-pins with anchors to the same locations.

But this last issue raises a problem that Dorico has currently: one cannot edit condensed staves in Write>Page mode – clicking on a condensed staff is an impotent action. But, especially in a large project, toggling back and forth between Page View and Galley View is both time-consuming and a pain. My wish would be that in Write>Page View if I could, say, right-click on a condensed staff and then get a popover window containing the Galley View version of just the staves for that particular Frame which produced that staff and then have the ability to edit them there and then, then I wouldn’t feel like I was flying semi-blind.

I also find that an important determinant for me in calculating condensing and manually adjusting staff visibility is the Fullness percentage listed in Engrave>Staff Spacing. But again there is the question of having to toggle back and forth to see it. So, I would love to see both the Staff Spacing percentage and the Note Spacing percentage posted at the bottom of each page/frame both in Engrave>Graphic Editing and Engrave>Frames (and perhaps even in Write>Page View). And while I’m at it, on the Engrave>Note Spacing pane, the percentage numbers are awfully small to read (and I have an over-size screen) – perhaps they could be done in a larger font and maybe even tilted up 90 degrees?

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Have you tried opening two windows for your project – one in galley, the other in page view? It’s not quite what you need, but with a large monitor it works well.