A snippet of the audio track is not showing in the editor

I snipped out two small sections of the audio track and replaced it with sections from an alternate take and I “glued” these sections in . When I look at the editor view, these snippets are not showing. What’s going on ?


Could you try to close the Audio Part editor and open it again, please?

They’re still not showing

Do you have any other suggestions Martin ?

After using the scissors tool to “snip” the sections in both audio tracks, I deleted the section to be replaced in the “solo2” track and just left clicked and dragged the section from the “solo” track and dropped it into the space on the solo2 track. Could the way I did it cause the problem ?

Also, I forgot to mention that I glued in 3 snippets but one IS showing. The snippet that is showing came from lane 1 of “solo” track, while the two snippets that AREN’T showing came from lane 3 of “solo” track. Allof the parts in solo2 track are on one lane.


I can see the scrollbar on the right side. Isn’t the other Audio Event bellow the screen in the next layer by any chance?

no, they are not showing


What do you see, if you scroll down, please?

You can’t scroll down, the editor just shows the one wave form with the snippets missing as you can see in the screen shot. I don’t know why they weren’t showing but I bounced the track and now they are showing.

I now have another problem that I can’t work out. when I press the solo button on a track all it does is turn the mute on or off, it doesn’t solo the track.