A Solution for the Pizz.-arco Playback Bug

I use this solution on the “Pizza-problem”.
In Setup I add a player to the 1. violin. In Galley-view there now are 2 1.violins. In the new one I write pizz. and the pizzicato notes. In the other the arco (where I of course write “arco”).
In page view you see both the pizz and arco notes, and the playback is O.K. But you also see “To V.”. In the score and the parts you mark “To v.” or “Vn.” and in the Ctrl.8 Properties panel under Common you set Custom Scale to zero. You have to do that in the parts also.
In Setup you can change the new name “vìolin+violin 1” to Violin 1.Do the same with other strings.
I give you here a link for the full score and parts where there also is a link for the Dorico-file. Have a good work. Arne Dich. http://dichmusik.dk/arr/Other/18%20Svaner.html