A Song For Sarah

The title is misleading as their are no lyrics LOL First recording using a Hamer Monaco III two guitar tracks, bass, and couple of drum/percussion tracks.


Here is the Hamer

Thats a really nice tune!

The Hammer looks AND sounds gorgeous!


that is a thing of beauty, theres one at the shop here and I gaze at it every visit. lovely tone and technique.
completely relaxing, wish it was longer

I liked it too, and wished it was longer. Guitar sounds great. Are you miking an amp there?

A very mellow and pleasant tune. :wink:

Thanks bluebob much appreciated.

Thanks and no I am using Gtr Rig 4 Pro. Guitar into Vox Tonelab LE with no amp sims or FX, stereo out into Yamaha 01X, Gtr Rig plug in on the audio in.

I am mellowing with old age LOL and here is the proof


nice feel reminds me of “sleepwalk” makes me yearn for warmer climates.

Thanks and you could be right as living in the sun plus being retired makes being laid back so much easier :sunglasses:

Makes me wanna smooch somewhere with someone.

Or I could just wait until my glass is nearly empty and my cigarette end lies smoldering in the ashtray and grab a slow dance with the waitress cleaning the tables and stacking the chairs. And then just turn up my coller and walk into the drizzling dawn…

Great stuff - and yes, it could be longer. :sunglasses:

Been there and done that :laughing:

Thanks Dave glad you liked it.

This is very, very nice.

Is the song available for download somewhere? If not, I understand, but I wanted to ask just in case.

Nice melody, ambience, and performance

But – you have a Monaco AND a Talladehga?

I’ve got an Artist USA

Niiice! Sweet, sweet tone on that guitar.
I love the feel of this, from that lazy drum groove with the riveted cymbal,
to the tasty playing.
I’m not sure if I’d have panned the rhythm guitar quite as hard left - and the bass on the right - maybe you were
panning as you perceived the instruments to be on a stage?
If that’s the case, I still think you could have panned a bit more subtly.
I think the bass could use some more presence in the mix as well.
Other than that - no nits. Very well done.


Yeah… very nice… laid back, and well, just a real nice chill-out choon!
I do particularly like the open sounding mix and the ambience you have on this :sunglasses:


Nice guitar tones and a nice mellw tune.

Nicely done

Hey Gerry, very nice! Saw your post, later in the thread, with the link to the video of you playing some leads over the tune…REALLY liked that!

A nice tune, great playing and production! Well done!


Drop me a PM with your Email :wink:

I changed a Gibson LP Standard for the Talladega and got totally hooked on Hamer’s. Then changed a Duesenberg TV Starplayer Outlaw for a Monaco III. Just wish I had discovered Hamer’s years ago as without any doubt in my book they are one of the best out there.